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To meet the ever-evolving demands, trends, and requirements from the hospitality industry we actively expand our solutions to ensure the cutting edge of technology and convenience brought to our customers at the right price with a great service experience.


About the Company


Dishrus is the trusted partner to Hospitality, Healthcare, and Assisted Living Properties. For over 20 + years, we have provided satellite TV services to more than 800 + hotels and motels compromising 38,000 guest rooms nationwide. With our experience, expertise, and insights from servicing scores of customers including stand-alone hotels, small boutique hotels, and big hotels including big international chains, we understand the importance of meeting the ever-evolving technological demands of your hotel in the most economical way. We have the right solution for your hotel on the right budget.

Dishrus Head Office New York

Head Office - 60 Ira Road, Syosset, New York 11791

Dishrus Sales Office Chicago

Sales Office (Chicago) - 550 Grosvenor Lane, Aurora, Illinois 60504

Over the years, we have built our network of qualified & professional technicians across all of the 50 states, with our headquarters at New York and Sales offices at New York & Chicago, helping us serve our clients across the length and breadth of the United States. Our unique industry insights and knowledge gained over the last 20 years coupled with a dedicated and professional team, great work ethics and a philosophy of putting the customer first has helped us provide satellite TV services to many marque institutional locations, hotels, nursing homes and hospitals like Ex-New York mayor Bloomberg’s Office, Consulate General of India, Saudi Arabia Consulate and Columbian Consulate.

Our services include - DIRECTV | Panic Button | HughesNet


DIRECTV For Business


Giving your guests popular entertainment without exceeding your budget.

Dishrus is the leading retailer of DIRECTV, providing the best in class entertainment and customer service across the United States. DIRECTV’s unmatched content, channel line-up, and affordable programming allow you to give your patrons the entertainment experience they demand without exceeding your budget.

Dishrus’s sales and service team are there to help you select the channels and equipment solutions to optimize the impact DIRECTV has on your business. It is a well-documented fact that having the right television/entertainment experience in the hotel is a must to ensure increased revenue and repeat customers. DIRECTV for Business is your best bet for great content delivered with the right picture quality and experience at the right price, making your guest feel right at home.



DIRECTV for hotels, hospitals and assisted living homes.


Panic Button From Sprint


Safeguarding employees with a personal push button alert system

We at Dishrus  are at the cutting edge of hospitality requirements and trends. We have tied up with Sprint to provide you with a solution that would protect your employees,  ensure compliance to the regulation, and most importantly one which  fits your budget.

In the hospitality industry, a move is on to outfit employees with personal alert systems that can notify security / Front Desk, if they get into a dangerous situation. Pairing a portable safety device with a Bluetooth beacon and cellular/Wi-Fi gateway network with IoT sensors offers the optimal solution for this system.


Panic button for employee safety.


Satellite Internet From HughesNet


Primary and backup internet that supports your front office functions

As a testament to our promise to provide technology to hotels all over America, we partnered with HughesNet to serve hotels in areas where satellite internet is the only option. With Hughesnet’s convenient data saving options, hotels have been able to optimize the usage of internet data while executing all administrative tasks with confidence.


Dishrus also understands how the loss of the internet at the front desk hinders the hotel’s ability to make credit card transactions and check-in/out customers. So, we collaborated with HughesNet to serve hotels with a satellite-based internet backup system that kicks in immediately when the primary internet goes down.




Satellite Internet


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