Your guests and employees expect the best. We help provide tailor-made cutting-edge solutions for hotels and motels ensuring high guest satisfaction with low operational costs, for all your entertainment, communication and safety needs.


DIRECTV for Hospitality Industry

  • We proudly partner with DIRECTV a AT&T company, to deliver the highest quality HD linear programming and entertainment.
  • HD and 4K programming
  • Packages for any size property
  • Exclusive rebates & incentives
  • Channel management for custom lineups
  • Large network of field & remote support technicians in the industry, for a timely response
  • Dedicated customer care
  • Financing options for easy implementation
  • Industry leading discounts and value

Give hotel guests an unparalleled entertainment experience with DirectTV’s industry-leading HD programing, sports and channel variety. Plus, our Interactive Program Guide makes it easy for guests to find their favorite shows. Create and in-home experience in every room only with DirectTV


Panic Button for Hotels

We at Dishrus  are at the cutting edge of hospitality requirements and trends. We have tied up with Sprint to provide you with a solution which would protect your employees,  ensure compliance to the regulation and most importantly one which  fits your budget.

Panic Buttons offer a way to streamline communication from hotel staff to the security officers

  • Unobtrusive design
  • Keeps help within arms reach
  • Robust casing to handle drops/accidents
  • Designed to be compatible with your existing WiFi network
  • Immediate usage response time
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 48 hours with a single charge
  • Location is only reported when panic button is pressed to ensure the privacy of maids, housekeepers, lone workers etc.

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HughesNet Gen5 for Hotels

Satellite based broadband internet that provides a stable connection in areas where cable, fiber, or DSL may not be available.

  • Choose to have HughesNet as your primary internet connection and provide your staff with broadband speeds. Enable your business to leverage SAS technologies that weren’t an option before.
  • Already have a broadband service? Allow HughesNet Internet Continuity to keep your business going when others are in the dark. HughesNet’s backup technology automatically switches to satellite when your primary internet fails.

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