HughesNet Gen5 for Business

  • Fast speeds that your business needs
  • Static IP enabled
  • Latest Built-in Wi-Fi technology
  • Secure and reliable connectivity
  • No hard data limits

HughesNet Internet Continuity

  • Protects your business from costly internet outages
  • Allows your business to stay connected even when cable lines go down.
  • Works seamlessly by transitioning to backup when your primary internet fails.

HughesNet Gen5 for Business

Boost your business with the broadband that is designed to enable productivity.

Say goodbye to long Point of Sale transaction times with 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds that helps you get customers in and out fast.

Get broadband connectivity today and stop waiting for cable and fiber!


HughesNet Internet Continuity

Keep your business on- always. Poor weather conditions and downed cable lines can lead to disruption in your internet, which could mean lost sales.

HughesNet Internet Continuity automatically switches to satellite internet when your primary cable, fiber, or DSL goes down.

Keep your customers moving and protect your sales with Internet Continuity.


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