Satellite Internet or How to Keep Your Business Going in Any Situation


In todays’ rapidly evolving landscape, customers have a plethora of options when it comes to getting high-speed internet, one of which is satellite broadband internet. If you’re a business owner, it’s more than likely that you have multiple high speed networks- some for your staff and another for your customers. It’s more than likely that you are currently using either Cable or Fiber to support those networks. However, like all technologies that are dependent on a wire, everything turns off when you pull the plug. This is where Satellite broadband shows it’s true value.

Satellite Internet’s biggest bang

It’s been nine days since tropical storm Isaias hit the east coast. Since then, crews have been working round the clock to get power restored to homes and businesses, and they’re still not finished. Along with the power outage, Internet lines for fiber and cable have been downed as well. In this scenario, a business which relies on the internet for core business processes would have no option to continue operating efficiently. Even if you, as a business owner, had a backup power generator to get the lights back on, you wouldn’t be able to use your web based POS for credit card transactions or even have your IP based phone lines available to let your customers know you’re still open for business. But what if you had a satellite-based backup broadband connection?

In unexpected times like these, satellite internet really shines by enabling business owners to continue making transactions and being available to their customers via phone or the web. Since the technology is not tied to any local infrastructure like it’s Cable or Fiber counterparts, Satellite broadband internet will continue to operate even when the lines are down- as long as you have backup power.

DishRus has partnered with HughesNet to bring the next generation of internet continuity to business customers. With HughesNet’s Internet Continuity package, you’re provided a state of the art router system, which seamlessly switches to HughesNet broadband when your primary Cable or Fiber connection goes down. Plus, with broadband speeds, your core business processes will continue to work. It’ll be Business-As-Usual even in the most unusual circumstances.

Nobody can predict when the next big storm, blizzard, or other natural calamity will hit, but business owners can definitely prepare for the worst. Contact us today to get your internet backup solution installed by a professional and rest assured knowing your business won’t have to keep its door closed when nature strikes.